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Oct 17th, 2022: New Shipping Rates Effective Nov 1st, 2022


To our Kidizen community,


In October, USPS increased their shipping prices across the board for all customers. While this is a temporary holiday surcharge, it leads right up to the annual that occurs in January. Effective Nov 1st, 2022, Kidizen will be adjusting our shipping label prices in accordance with these increases. This change will cover both the holiday surcharge and the annual increase, and we will NOT be increasing again in January. The new prices will be as follows:


Under 1Ib:

Less than 8 oz. = $4.85

Less than 12 oz.= $5.85

Less than 16 oz. = $6.85


We’ve also got some good news! We’re switching our labels that are over 1 pound to Ground Shipping, which means that the labels up to 5-pound, 10-pound, and 20-pound labels are DECREASING in price. Ground shipping is a more cost-effective way to ship heavier packages and, according to USPS, typically takes 2-5 days depending on the distance. Ground Shipping also uses the standard USPS volume threshold of 1 cubic foot, and therefore addresses the issue of overly restrictive volume limitations imposed by the current .1 cubic foot threshold (Kidizen has been waiving volume overage fees until we roll out Ground Shipping). The new prices will be as follows:


Over 1Ib:

Less than 5 lbs. = $8.95

Less than 10 lbs. = $11.95

Less than 20 lbs. = $14.95

Flat Rate Padded Envelope = $9.50


We are continuing to see a lot of underpaid postage charges and want to emphasize how important it is to weigh your packages. USPS is weighing all packages and if your package is found to be over the weight designated on the label on the package, you will be charged. Also, using carrier-branded packaging such as USPS Priority Flat Rate boxes could result in an underpaid postage charge. After 3 underpaid postage charges, there will be a $2 penalty fee added to each additional charge.

If you are not familiar with how underpaid postage charges work, visit our FAQ

To learn more about our label options and ground shipping, visit our FAQ

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