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What sort of purchase protection is offered?


All purchases are protected by the following Buyer Protection guarantee:

  • Shipping Guarantee: Buyers have the option to request a refund if the tracking shows the order never shipped after 7 days. If the tracking shows the order shipped but did not arrive at its destination, a full refund will be issued. See the Return Policy for more details. 
  • Order Satisfaction: Sellers are required to issue refunds if the item received is not as described. If the seller is unwilling to issue a refund, contact Customer Support in order to open a Refund Claim. 
  • Dispute Mediation: Kidizen mediates disputes if the buyer feels that the items are not as described and the buyer and seller are not able to agree upon a solution. 
  • Fraud Protection: Kidizen closely monitors sellers who fail to ship and/or ship items not as described. In addition, all financial information is encrypted and is not shared with the seller at any time. 
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