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How do I get a shipping label?


Once you make a sale, click on Orders under the Profile dropdown and go to the order detail for that order. From there, you can purchase a shipping label or enter a tracking number if you choose to purchase a label elsewhere. If you purchase a label through the Rewear site, the cost of the label will be deducted from your earnings for that order. Once purchased, the shipping label will be emailed to you and the tracking number will automatically be provided to the buyer and accessible on the order detail page. 


All labels purchased through the Rewear site can be dropped off in the drop bin at any Post Office, drop it in any USPS blue box, or you can schedule a pick up from USPS here


To maintain a positive shopping experience, we ask sellers to ship within 5 days after an order is placed, though we highly recommend shipping within 48 hours maximum for optimal customer satisfaction. After 7 days, a buyer has an option to request a refund. 

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