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When a Buyer Can Request a Refund


A buyer can request a refund anytime after 7 days. If the order does not have tracking information from the seller, the buyer is automatically refunded. If there is tracking information but it does not show as shipped, the seller receives a notification to contact Kidizen and let us know before the refund is issued. If a buyer has requested a refund, it is very important to let Kidizen know within 24 hours if you shipped an order so that we can put a hold on refunding and give it sufficient enough time to scan in. If the seller doesn't contact Kidizen, the refund will be processed through. 

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    Constancee Madlock

    I placed an order back in February and I haven't received the order as of yet it was shipped to 416 St Nicholas Avenue #5A NY NY 10030 my address is 2045 Story Ave Bronx NY 10473

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    Hi Constancee! Are you able to contact us at with your order number or email and we can take a look for you?