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Promoted Listings


Promoting your listings within Kidizen is a great way to bring your older listings to the top of the feed again and make more sales. By opting into Promoted Listings, your listings will receive better placement in feeds that shoppers view including filtered, featured, and category pages. 


To promote your listings, you are charged $10 to add 5,000 impressions to your account. An impression will be deducted from your account each time your listing shows up in front of a potential buyer. An impression is when your item shows up in a buyer's shopping feed.


Once you opt-in, you can turn your promoted listings off/on at any time. There is currently a limit of how many can opt-in at once. If you receive a message "We are not accepting any promoted listings at this time", then we are currently full on the maximum amount of sellers who can opt-in. Please keep checking back to see if a spot opened up. 


In your Promoted Listings screen you will be able to:

- Turn your promoted listings on and off with a simple toggle button. 

- Auto-Renew your impressions (optional): We will automatically charge you $10 for 5,000 impressions when your account is within 24 hours of reaching a zero balance. This can be turned on and off at any time. 

- Set a daily budget on your impressions, this can be adjusted at any time. There is a minimum of 0.50 cents. 

- View how many impressions you have remaining. Please note this is only updated daily. 

- Purchase additional impressions.






What type of items can be promoted? Bundle-only and not-for-sale listings are not being promoted. Clothing and shoes are prioritized first for promotion. If you don't have enough of these then other categories of items will be promoted. 


Can I choose which items to promote? Yes! Learn more on how to do this HERE


How do you decide which items will be promoted? Up to 100 items can be promoted at once from one shop. If you have more than 100 items in your shop, here are the parameters for how items are chosen for promotion:

  • They were listed more than 2 weeks ago. 
  • Clothing and shoes are prioritized over the other categories.


How much do impressions work? Impressions are when an item shows up in a buyer's shopping feed. Promoted items show up when someone is filtering while shopping. Promoted items are not shown if a buyer does a keyword search in the search bar or if they are viewing your shop.


How much will promoting my listings cost? You can purchase 5,000 impressions for $10. If you want to make sure this lasts for a longer time, you can set a daily budget to ensure that you don't go over a certain amount per month. 


What happens when one of my promoted listings sells? Is it replaced with another one from my shop? Yes! When one of your promoted listings sells, it is automatically replaced with another item in your shop. 


How does this affect sharing? Shared listings are bumped to the top of the Just Shared sorting option. They do not show up in the Just In sorting option which a lot of buyers shop. While promoted listings will show up in all of the sorting options, they will show up in the Just In shopping feed like they were just listed. You can still share as normal, the promoted listings are limited and are not going to bury current listings or ones that are just shared. 


How will this affect my smaller, part-time shop? We do think this is a great tool for smaller shops! Especially if you don't have time to list often. It will bring up your listings and make them new again so buyers that are shopping see your listings. This will also drive traffic and get more eyes on your shop. 


If I choose not to promote, will my current listings be buried? No, we have it set that only a certain amount of promoted listings can be shown at a time so that the current listings do not get buried. When you shop, you should see everything as normal with just a few promoted listings at a time. 


Can I see how many impressions each item is getting? Do I receive a report? Can I tell which items are sold due to being promoted? There currently isn't a way to see how many impressions each item is getting or any reporting on your items. You will be able to see if a listing was being actively promoted at the time when it sells. 



What type of alerts will I get for my promoted listings? You will get alerts for the following: 

  • When your payment method has been charged for your promoted listings
  • When your impressions are low
  • If your payment method fails while attempting to charge you
  • When you have run out of impressions for your promoted listings
  • When you are about to be automatically charged for your impressions


Can I increase the amount Iā€™m spending before the time is up? Yep! You can choose to automatically renew your listings or can purchase additional impressions when they are low. 


What is the payment method that is charged for promoted listings? Your payment method on file, which is added by going to Settings > Manage Payment Methods, will be the payment that is charged for your impressions. There currently isn't a way to charge your Kid Bucks for these. 


What does a promoted listing look like? A promoted listings will have the word promoted written on the listing to show that it is a promoted listing. 


Why aren't my impressions going down? Impressions are recalculated once every 24 hours so you won't see your impressions go down until the following day. 


Can I choose to stop promoting at any time? Of course! Simply toggle the promoted listings button off to stop promoting. 


I tried to turn on promoting my listings but am getting a message that you are not accepting any more promoted listings. Are spots limited? Yes, currently we only have a certain amount of spots available for promoted listings so once that fills we are unable to accept any more until someone opts out. Keep checking back for a spot to open!


Are these items promoted outside the app? No, promoted items are promoted in the Kidizen app only. 



Promoted listings are available on iOS and web currently. If you are on Android, we recommend that you use our website to promote your listings. 









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