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July 2nd, 2021: Not For Sale Category Added


We wanted to let you know about an update we’ve made to listing categories on the Kidizen marketplace. We’ve added a new category, “NFS (not for sale)“, that you can now use for your listings and content that is, well, not for sale! By using “NFS” for this type of content, you’ll be helping shoppers more easily discover your listings that ARE for sale while making your alternative content more easily found through filtering. This new category is available now! We could use your help with editing any listings in your shop that might fit into this category. You can find “NFS” when you go into the Category dropdown upon adding or editing a listing, we have more info HERE.  As of July 12th at 10 am EST, we’ll be deleting any not-for-sale content that is not categorized as such. 

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