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FAQ on transitioning to Sendle mid October 2020:


  • If Sendle uses other carriers besides USPS, can they still be put in the mailbox or USPS drop box? Yes! USPS does the first mile so you will drop off or schedule a pick up just as you would with all your USPS packages. 
  • Will going in between all the different carriers cause package delays? Nope, your package will arrive in the typical 1-4 days and shipping time will stay the same. 
  • The 4 ounce label will no longer be an option? The smallest label will now be the 8 ounce label which is $3.85. 
  • Even if the package is considered Priority (over 1 pound), I still am unable to use Priority packaging from USPS? Correct, you cannot use any carrier provided packaging on Sendle labels as this can cause confusion since it is going in between different shipping carriers. 
  • Does Sendle offer insurance? Kidizen provides insurance on a packages should they get lost in transit, and this would apply to our new labels through Sendle as well. 
  • What will the cost of the new up to 16 ounce label be? It will be the same as our up to 15 ounce label which is $5.75. 
  • How will this impact those that have different addresses depending on the carrier that is being used? You will want to use the same USPS address as you have probably been doing for Kidizen as they are the ones who will be delivering. The other carriers will be used mostly for the in between distance. 
  • Will USPS still be doing to the initial scan and how will that affect orders in the app being showed as shipped? Your orders will scan around the same time that they typically do since USPS is the one doing the first scan. They will then update all systems as shipped which will then update our system. There will not be any additional scanning delays. 
  • Can we use typical poly mailer bags? Are there certain shipping materials that are not allowed? Any shipping materials that you have been using (boxes, poly mailers bags, reused packaging) can all be used. The only thing that cannot be used is carrier branded packaging such as the USPS Priority packaging. 
  • USPS has had lots of delays/lost packages in my area. How will switching to Sendle affect this? We are hoping that with Sendle using a mixture of carriers that this improve that. 
  • FedEx doesn't recognize my address. Will my package make it to me? Yes! All packages through Sendle start and end with USPS so you should have no issues receiving packages.
  • Will all shipping labels be Sendle labels now? No, our 12 ounce label and Padded Flat Rate Envelope label will still be USPS labels.  

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