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Sendle Shipping FAQ



How Sendle Works

Sendle has a network of shipping carriers that they partner with, including USPS, to get your package where it needs to go in the most efficient way possible. They have the ability to flex between different carriers if certain carriers experience issues or pricing is inflated for any reason. Currently, they mainly use USPS as their main shipping carrier. There has been some confusion that Sendle is the actual carrier and that is not the case. Sendle uses USPS as the carrier for the first and last mile of the shipment, as well as for the majority of the shipment. This may change in the future as Sendle expands its carrier network.


About Sendle

Sendle is a 100% carbon neutral shipping service, designed to give online sellers a simple, affordable, and sustainable way to ship. What does it mean to be carbon neutral? The CO2e your packaged deliveries emit is canceled out by a process known as ‘offsetting’- that is, supporting projects that reduce emissions, like regenerating precious forests or replacing old equipment with more efficient technology. Sendle calculates the highest amount of carbon that could be generated by a package which gives them a carbon yield number. They then use that number to guide them into how much of the portion of that package will be used to fund sustainability projects via South Pole. You can find more on Sendle’s carbon-neutral clients here


Why we chose Sendle

We are committed to giving parents a sustainable way to shop and sell kids’ style. We love that every item shipped through Kidizen is done so carbon neutrally. It’s another great way we can reduce our collective eco-impact and put the planet first. 


Sendle FAQ

1. My order with a Sendle label is not updating, what should I do? 

This could be either of these 2 reasons:

  • USPS has not scanned the package or their system has not been updated with the package's latest shipping status. This is the most common scenario, give it a few days and it should update. 
  • There is sometimes a delay with Sendle tracking numbers scanning in. Some sellers notice a 1-2 hour delay, while others are seeing a couple of days. Sendle is aware of this and they are in the middle of a complete overhaul of their tracking system in order to provide Kidizen users with an optimum tracking experience. If you believe there is a delay in Sendle's tracking, you can input the USPS tracking number on the label into USPS's Package Tracking

Here are the next steps if you have shipped but it has not been scanned in:

  • If it has been under 7 days since you shipped it, wait to see if the tracking updates on its own. Most of the time your package will scan in within a few days. Also, let your buyer know that it shipped but just hasn’t been scanned in yet. 
  • If it has been over a week and tracking hasn’t updated, the next step is to contact Sendle by going into the order screen in the app and tapping on the tracking. In the Manage Parcel section, you can open a Late Parcel Inquiry with Sendle. Make sure to keep your buyer updated to prevent them from requesting a refund. If they do request a refund, it isn’t automatic and is sent to us for review. If we see you have let the buyer know you shipped it, we will wait a long as possible to refund it.   
  • If the buyer receives it without it scanning in, let us know so we can mark it as delivered. 


2. Why does the tracking number look different?

Sendle has its own tracking system and therefore, creates their own tracking numbers. Since Sendle often uses USPS as a carrier, you may also see a USPS tracking number on the label. If you need to inquire about your package, you will need to contact Sendle with the Sendle tracking number (not USPS). 


3. Can I drop off my package with a Sendle label at my local Post Office? Can I schedule a pick-up?

Yes to both! Since Sendle uses USPS for the first and last mile of shipment, you can treat it as any other USPS package (except for packaging, we will get into that below). You can even stick it in a blue box!


4. I use a label printer. How do I get my Sendle label to print in the size I need? 

You are in luck! Sendle offers a cropped version of their label (perfect for label printers) through their website. Once you create a Sendle account with the same email you use for Kidizen, all of the labels you purchase from Kidizen will automatically go into your Sendle account. From your Sendle dashboard, go into the shipment and then choose to download your label in the cropped version. 


5. Can I use USPS Priority packaging and boxes on my packages if they are over 1 pound? 

You cannot use any USPS packaging with Sendle labels since these labels are not purchased through USPS. However, Sendle packages can be shipped in anything that isn’t carrier-branded such as poly mailer bags, re-used boxes from items you purchased elsewhere (like Amazon) or anything else you have that is suitable for packaging. 


6. Are Sendle packages shipped in the same amount of time as my USPS ones? 

Yep! They will arrive in the same time frame as anything else being sent USPS. 


7. I printed my label out that I purchased from Kidizen and it doesn’t say Sendle on it like my other ones. Why?

While most of our labels are Sendle, we still have a few USPS labels. The 12oz label, the Padded Flat Rate Envelope label, and any shipment with a military address will be USPS Labels. 


Additional questions? Let us know! Reach out to Kidizen Support

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