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Oct 6th, 2020: Changes Coming to Shipping Labels


In response to growing concerns over USPS rate increases and shipping reliability, Kidizen has partnered with Sendle. We believe that by working with Sendle, we can provide our community with a more consistent, affordable, and dependable shipping experience. 


Another leading benefit of shipping through Sendle is that it is 100% carbon neutral! This means that the carbon that is released as a result of any packages you ship is offset through the support of projects that reduce emissions so the net release of CO2e into the atmosphere is zero. We’re thrilled to join forces with Sendle in the name of commerce for a healthy planet.


How Sendle Works

Sendle has a network of shipping carriers, including USPS, they partner with to get your package to where it is going in the most efficient way possible. They have the ability to flex between different carriers if certain carriers experience issues or pricing is inflated for any reason.  


While the exact date is not set, the transition to Sendle will be on or around October 14, 2020. 


Here are the changes you can expect:

  • Kidizen will be using Sendle for all labels except for the 12 oz and Padded Flat Rate Envelope. For these two options, we will continue to work directly with USPS. Due to USPS rate increases that go into effect this month, the 12 oz label will be $5.00 and the Padded Flat Rate Envelope will be $8.15.
  • Sendle offers reduced rates on heavier packages that are over 1 lb. therefore, we will be adding 5 lb, 10 lb, and 20 lb options at much better rates than we were previously able to offer:
    • Up to 5 lbs = $9.00
    • Up to 10 lbs = $14.00
    • Up to 20 lbs = $21.00
  • We will no longer be able to offer a 4 oz label
  • Our 15 oz label is being replaced by a label which accommodates up to 16 oz.
  • Your labels will look slightly different. Sendle has its own tracking number that is included on the label, in addition to the tracking number from the shipping carrier.
  • The average ship time on all packages is 1-4 days. 
  • USPS-branded Priority packaging cannot be used unless you are using a Padded Flat Rate Envelope label.

What is staying the same:

  • Everything you do to purchase a label and track the package in the app will remain the same. 
  • You will still drop off packages at USPS or place in a blue box just as you would before the switch. You can also still schedule a Pick Up through USPS and leave packages for your postal carrier. 
  • The shipping prices for the 8 oz labels and the 16 oz labels will remain the same.

We have been working with Sendle for the last few months and have not only found their services to be easy and reliable but have been enjoying the less expensive heavier shipping options. If you have any questions about the upcoming changes, please read our FAQ or reach out to us at!


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