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Underpaid Postage


Kidizen will make adjustments to accounts that purchase a label at a weight that is below the actual package weight. Under the USPS Automatic Package Verification Program, Kidizen is automatically charged for underpaid postage. We recognize that determining the cost of postage can often be confusing and that underpaid postage is not usually intentional. Here are some ways you can avoid underpaid postage:

  • Weigh your items after they are in their packaging. Packaging adds extra weight, especially boxes. Poly mailer bags will be the lightest option and only add a few ounces. 
  • Make sure your scale is accurate. This can be done by using the calibration feature or hand calibrating. 
  • Make sure to round up. For example, if your package weighs 8.1 ounces, you should purchase the 12-ounce label. 
  • Use non-carrier packaging. Priority packaging will incur a Priority shipping charge from USPS. 
  • Make sure not to use packaging from other carriers, such as USPS boxes. The only exception would be the USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelope which can be used with our Padded Flat Rate Envelope only. 


How adjustments will work:
If we receive a notification for underpaid postage, we’ll first check to make sure this claim is in line with the contents of your order and that the Post Office scan isn’t off. For instance, if you mailed a pair of infant shoes, these shouldn’t show up as 2 lbs when scanned. If your label does appear to be short the accurate postage, the overage will be taken out of your KidBucks account. If you do not have money to pay for the overage in your account, it will be taken out when you do and you will be notified at that time. Because you are not notified until we are able to charge your account, the charge may not come until months after you have sent the order.  

After 3 underpaid postage charges, a penalty fee of $2 will be added to each underpaid postage charge. 


Maximum sizes

  • The largest standard-sized parcel is 20 lb and up to 864 in³




If you believe the adjustment has been made in error, we recommend you learn more about opening a claim HERE. Just make sure you include any relevant information like parcel weight and dimensions, or even photos (if you have them). We can then follow it up with our delivery provider, who will verify this information with photos from the scanning machines.


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