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March 18th, 2020: Change for 1 lb/16 oz. Labels


It’s been brought to our attention that the USPS now considers a 1 Ib/16 oz. label to be a Priority weight label. In accordance with this update, we’ve changed the weight of the Large Label option in the Kidizen app to reflect a weight of under 15 oz. If you’d like to purchase a label weighing between 15-16 ounces, the cost for this label has increased to Priority pricing and will be $8.50. This update has already taken place in the Kidizen app. You can purchase the new Priority label weighing between 15-16 oz. by inputting its exact weight and choosing the 1 Ib size. Another option is to purchase the Padded Flat Rate Envelope for $7.75 under the Advanced Shipping Options.

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    Maggie Lauro

    Really bad timing on this. Struggling enough to make a few bucks.

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    Andrea Varnado

    This is not correct. You can use first class up to 15.9 ounces. You should change that to reflect. It doesn’t have to be under 15 just under 16. Once you get to 16 ounces it’s then a one pound and yes then you should use the flat rate padded mailer.

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    Hi Maggie and Andrea! Unfortunately we are unable to get a 15.9oz label from USPS anymore, we are aware that you can still get a 15.9oz label elsewhere however for us now they are rounding up the weight now to 16oz which is generating a Priority label. We are very sorry for any frustration this causes!

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    Bryson James

    You can get all your labels from PayPal for significantly cheaper! I typically do this and enter the tracking myself. Most of my orders will run me $3.25-$4 for first class!