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Shipping Options


You can purchase several types of labels from Kidizen. It is important to make sure you are picking the correct shipping label option so that you (or your buyer) do not have to pay underpaid postage charges. Please note that your package must weigh under the weight stated on the shipping label size or will be subject to an underpaid postage charge, or it may be returned to the seller where the seller will need to pay for shipping again. For any label 5 Ibs or over, your package must weigh under the weight AND volume stated on the shipping label size. 




You can weigh items by purchasing a scale on Amazon, similar to the one here

Orders can be sent in any packaging (polymailer bags, boxes, etc.) EXCEPT any carrier-provided packaging (such as USPS Priority packaging) on our labels as this can cause confusion since it is going in between different shipping carriers.


Volume Limits

Packages are subject to BOTH weight and size (volume) restrictions so make sure to choose the appropriate size label that will cover both. 

Small: < 8 ounces (no dimension requirement currently)

Medium: < 12 ounces (no dimension requirement currently)

Large: < 16 ounces (no dimension requirement currently)

Extra Large Label: < 5 Ibs and < 172 in³

XX-Large Label: < 10 Ibs and < 518 in³

Jumbo Label: < 20 Ibs and < 864 in³


Cubic inches can be calculated by multiplying length x height x width. For example, 12" x 10" x 2" = 240 cubic inches. You can also use this calculator

Maximum sizes

  • The largest standard-sized parcel is 20 lb and up to 864 in³


Priority Flat Rate Padded Envelope

  • Flat Rate Padded Envelope: $8.95. This can be ordered from USPS for free and can be used to ship bundles or smaller heavy items. This is a less expensive alternative to the 5-pound label if the item fits in the envelope. If it fits, it ships!



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