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You can opt-in to have all of your listings on Kidizen also posted in our Kidizen shop on Facebook, where your listings will be available for purchase. Orders will still be managed in one place through your account in the Kidizen app or the Kidizen website.


*Please read before opting in:

  • Any orders you receive from a buyer on Facebook go under a generic account called Facebook Buyer. Because of this, you will not be able to communicate with the buyer and they won't be able to communicate with you. Therefore, if you have any order issues or find flaws that were not disclosed you will need to issue a full refund instead of checking if the buyer would still like it. Partial refunds are not something that can be done on Facebook currently. 
  • Kidizen is unable to relay messages between buyers and sellers unless a package has been returned. Due to this all listings need to be sold as is, so if you have different sizes or colors available/customized options you will need to list them individually. If a Facebook buyer purchases a listing that requires communication between the buyer and seller, the seller will need to refund the order. No substitutions can be made. 
  • All orders must show that they shipped within 7 days. Buyers on Facebook can receive a refund anytime after 7 days if the shipping status doesn’t show as shipped. Therefore, please contact us if you shipped but the status does not reflect this. Please note that Facebook now cancels all orders that are not showing as shipped after 28 days. 
  • Facebook requires all orders have tracking that shows as shipped in order to get paid. Therefore, all Facebook orders in Kidizen must contain tracking information that shows as shipped in order to receive payment. Be sure to keep any tracking receipts in case an issue comes up with the tracking number. A Facebook buyer cannot confirm delivery. 
  • If a seller ships the incorrect item to a Facebook buyer, the buyer will need to refunded as they are not responsible for returning the item. 
  • Facebook buyers are unable to communicate with a seller, therefore if they feel the item is not as described a Refund Claim is opened as the first step. Refund Claims may be opened up by a Facebook buyer within 2 weeks of delivery as the communication is delayed between Facebook buyers and Kidizen. 
  • Sellers are unable to issue Return Labels to a Facebook buyer. If you wish to send a Return label to a Facebook buyer, please contact Kidizen support.
  • If the shipping price is listed separately, the buyer will see the combined amount of the listing and shipping prices.
  • 'Bundle Only' listings will not transfer over to Facebook.
  • Shop discounts are unable to be applied to purchases on Facebook. Facebook buyers are also not able to receive offers at this time. 
  • All items listed (including Mama and Maternity) will transfer over UNLESS they are marked as a 'Bundle Only' or if they are hidden. Therefore, any listings that are not actual items for sale, such a share group listings, add on listings, promo listings, Meet Your Seller listings, etc., will need to be either edited to be a 'Bundle Only' or hidden. What if you forget and opt-in first? Not a problem! Just make sure to go back into your shop and edit those listings when you get a chance. 
  • Buyers will only see listings. They will not be able to see the Kidizen app interface or be able to view your shop profile. Any pics you posted to the gallery will not be viewable through Facebook. The listings will appear to come from the Kidizen shop. We do add your shop name to the end of each listing's description ("sold on Kidizen by Violet's Closet" for example).
  • The items that are shared to Facebook will not show up in your Facebook newsfeed to your Facebook friends. Also, Facebook buyers will not be able to see your Facebook profile.  
  • Any items you list after you opt-in will automatically go to our Facebook shop. If you go on Vacation mode in Kidizen, all of your items will be hidden from our Facebook shop until you are off Vacation mode in Kidizen.  
  • After you opt-in, your listings get put in a que in Facebook to be approved by them, this can take up to a few hours. 
  • If your account no longer meets the requirements after you have opted-in, you may be removed from selling on Facebook at any time. Once you are removed, you will need to opt-in again once your account becomes in good standing again. 

How to opt-in:

Go to your Settings > Shop Settings (On Android this will be located in your Profile Settings)


If you are not seeing the option to opt-in, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the app.

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