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How to List the Size


Different brands use different sizing, which can make it a little complicated to know how to list it. We're to help! Let us explain how it works. For single sizes, it means it is an Up To size. For example, a size 6 month is meant to fit up to 6 months. Size 3-6 months is a different way of saying the same thing, there is just more of a specific range for you to follow. Regardless, 3-6 month and 6 month are meant to be the same size. 

Infant Sizes:

0-3 MONTHS AND 3 MONTHS:  These are the same.

3-6 MONTHS AND 6 MONTHS:  These are the same. Size 6 month means it fits UP TO 6 months. So list both of these sizes in the 3-6 month size category.

6-12 MONTHS AND 12 MONTHS:  These are the same.

9 MONTHS:  This is its own thing. List it as 6-12 months AND include the specific size in the listing title.

12-18 MONTHS AND 18 MONTHS:  These are the same.

18-24 MONTHS AND 24 MONTHS: These are the same.

24 MONTHS AND 2T:  These are different and typically 2T is larger.


**** We highly recommend taking pics of the tag when listing to avoid any confusion.


A lot of overseas brands like to use a range with bigger kid sizes as well. The same rule applies to these.

2-3 YEAR and size 3 are the same.

3-4 YEAR and size 4 are the same.

And the list goes on. A lot of sellers tend to list these in the smaller range so a child doesn't outgrow the item as quickly. This is okay as long as the actual size is stated.  


When listing items with cm or Euro shoe sizes, we recommend referring to the brands size chart and listing as close as possible. Make sure to disclose the actual size in the listing. And measurements are always helpful since a lot of buyers don't want to take the time to ask!

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