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Earning Rewards with Plae


Meet PLAE shoes, our REWEAR™ Collective partner. Every time you sell PLAE over $10, you get 500 points in your Plae Rewards Account at, just make sure your email for your Plae Rewards account is the same as your account email in Kidizen. If you earn points and don't have a rewards account with Plae, you can sign up for one here


Effective February 1st, 2021, every Plae item over $10 that you sell on Kidizen will earn you 500 points in your Plae Rewards account. If you have multiple Plae items sold in one order, each one over $10 will earn you 500 points (2 items earn you 1,000). Points will show up in your Plae Rewards account 14 days after the item you sold is shown as delivered. 

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