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February 5, 2019: Shop for Mama


We're excited to announce that you may now shop and sell Mama clothes, shoes, and accessories right here on Kidizen!

Kidizen has always been a place for you to share your kid style and to connect with other moms in the community. Our kids have brought us together and have given us a way to express our style (and theirs)! That's not changing. Only today, we're making it easier to put a little more emphasis on YOUR style and sell what's in both closets. 

We wanted to give you a little advance notice to get any current listings edited (or start listing items) under the mama category so they will show up when the banner goes live on Wednesday February 6th. 

There will be a new banner in the "Shop" tab in the app called "For Mama". This is where all mama items will show up when they are listed under the Mama category (done when listing).

  • To list or edit a current item under the Mama category, tap on Category and then choose one of the Mama categories and its subcategory.
  • You can list any brand or item as long as it falls under one of the subcategories available. Examples: makeup, nail polish, cell phone cases, decor, etc cannot be listed.
  • The other areas of the app will continue to remain Kid Style focused.
  • Currently your shops items will have kids and mama items mixed, however as we continue to develop this our plan is for continued separation between the two.







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  • Avatar
    Lissa Thompson

    What a fantastic idea! I was just attempting to search for Mama shirts the other day and the site just isn't set up to accommodate Mama listings. So looking forward to using the new Mama categories! Now, go post all your fantastic items, ladies!

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    Molly Hall

    I am so excited about this new addition. Kidizen is hands down the BEST selling platform and my personal fave! My daughter and i have our own matching styles and so many other options just rolled out mommas. Lets see all those styles that mom has!

  • Avatar

    Me too!!!! Omg fact since it’s techinically Wednesday instead of my late night sharing I’m obsessively refreshing my AppStore looking for an update lol. Any chance anyone knows whether it will be an update and if so, coming any minute not or later in the morning today?