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November 27th, 2018: Update on Cash Outs



Thank you to everyone who provided feedback regarding our recent fee announcement. We are incredibly grateful that you care about the Kidizen community. We’ve heard your concerns and would like to provide an update.

 We will be lowering the cash out threshold from $30 to $15. Therefore any cash out in the amount of $15 and above will be free while those under this amount will incur a $1 fee starting December 1, 2018.

After listening to your feedback and communicating with many sellers in our community over the past several days, we can see the importance this holds to many of you — that you’re able to access smaller earning amounts as you have family needs that surface. We sincerely hope to reduce potential financial burden by lowering this threshold by 50% of what was originally proposed.

We will also be looking into ways to better address the selling of lower-cost items. We’ve heard some great ideas from this community, and we will likely be following up with a number of you to explore these further. This will be a separate initiative from the upcoming fee changes as it will likely require development changes in the app.


To recap, our announcement from November 19th:

As of December 1, 2018, we are changing our community-wide marketplace fee from 18% to 12% + $.50. We also are introducing changes to our cash-out policy at the same time. All PayPal and Bank deposits of $30 and up will continue to be FREE for all sellers. However, any deposits under the $30 amount will incur a $1 cash-out fee.

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    Tamara Moore

    I think this is excellent!!!!