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Ratings & Reviews


How Ratings & Reviews Work

Buyers can leave a rating & review for the seller on their purchase as soon as the item is showing as delivered in the app or as soon as the order is refunded. Buyers use a 5 star rating system (5 being the highest) to rate their experience with the seller as well as leave a review with their rating. A seller is allowed to respond once to a review left by a buyer. 

To leave a review, go into the order screen in the app and towards the bottom is a box to Rate Your Experience. Tap on that to leave your review. An in-app notification will remind you to leave a review 24 hours after the item is delivered (or will send one out if the order is refunded). 


Where Will Ratings & Reviews Appear?

Ratings will appear in the shop profile towards the top. Tapping on these stars will take you to all of the sellers ratings & reviews that have been left. 


What About Previous Feedback Left by Buyers?

Prior to us implementing the new public Ratings & Reviews we had a private way for a seller to leave feedback through email. Previous feedback left through these emails are unable to be added to the new Ratings & Reviews since we have added an entirely new system. 


Can I change a review that I have left?

If you would like to change your review, please contact us at so that we may make that edit for you.  


***Negative reviews can greatly impact a seller so make sure before you leave a negative review that you have given the seller a chance to correct the issue. 








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