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Making Offers to Buyers


You can make an offer to any buyer that carts an item of yours by tapping on the alert notification, it's as easy as that!


How it works:

Anytime an item in your shop is carted by a buyer, you will receive a notification in the Me Alerts that they added an item to their cart and you can tap on the alert if you wish to make them an offer on the items in their cart. This is also a good tool to use for bundling items for a buyer. A buyer can add the items they wish for in their cart and you can make them an offer or adjust the shipping costs of multiple items if it will be less to ship them (since you will be shipping all together). The offer will expire for the buyer in 48 hours. If an item is purchased while the offer is still pending, the offer is no longer valid and you will need to make a new offer. 



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    Laurel Bumhoffer

    How can sellers view offers they’ve made to potential buyers?