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July 18, 2018: Shipping Update x 2!


You’ve heard the phrase, “I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news,” right? Well, this is one of those times where we’ve gotta use it, but we think you’ll understand. First, the GREAT news: we have released an update that puts YOU in control of who covers the cost of shipping in your shop. Nice, right? Check out the shipping changes here


Here’s the other news, though: after several years of absorbing the rising cost of shipping labels from USPS, Kidizen will have to adjust our label prices (see below), starting 7/18. Believe us, nobody want to make that change less than us—BUT to help offset the cost, our fee structure will no longer take a percentage from the price of labels purchased through our app.


We hope the adjusted fee structure and new seller tools will you help as you navigate the pricing changes. 


New Label Pricing

1-3 oz: $3.10

4-5 oz: $3.30

6-7 oz: $3.40

8 oz (small): $3.50

9 oz: $4.10

10 oz: $4.20

11 oz: $4.30

12 oz: $4.40

13 oz: $4.50

14 oz: $4.60

15 oz: $4.70

16 oz (medium): $4.75

2 lbs (large): $7.50

Padded Flat Rate Envelope: $7.10

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