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Including Shipping or Not Including Shipping in Listing Price


You can choose when you list an item whether or not to have the shipping broken out to display the cost for the buyer, or to include shipping in your listing. 




How does it work?

- You list your item, can choose either to have the shipping broken out or to have your listing include the shipping when listing via the app. This option is not yet available when listing via the website.

- When the item sells, the marketplace fee is taken off the entire buyer purchase price. Your money is then pending.

- You can then purchase a label through Kidizen. Now that we know the actual cost of shipping, the marketplace fee is then just taken off the price of the item. Your pending amount changes to reflect this (along with the purchasing of the shipping label).

What if I ship from the Post Office directly?

You can still ship through the Post Office (and other avenues), however the fee will come off the entire listing price as our system will not know how much you paid for a label.

Do I have to weigh my items before I list?

Nope! You can list exactly as you do now. If you want to display the shipping cost on your listing but don’t want to weigh items prior, you can estimate shipping costs in the app by tapping estimate shipping at the bottom of the listing screen and enter what you think the weight might be. This is included in the total cost the buyer pays, you will then purchase a shipping label after the order is placed. 

How does it work if I’m bundling items?

If the seller has a shop discount set, the discount will come off the item price only and not the shipping. If the item includes shipping, the shop discount will come off the entire price. For orders with multiple items, the buyer will pay the total of all the prices and shipping. If you wish to have the buyer pay less for shipping because you are able to fit them all in the same package, you can send them an offer to reflect the total shipping cost you will be paying.

Where do I see the total amount I’m making on a sale?

The amount you will make is at the bottom of the listing screen (see image towards the top) and is the You Make price. This changes depending on how much you list it for and the shipping cost. If you are choosing to have the listing include shipping, you can still estimate how much you will make with the shipping cost by inputting the shipping price.


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