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What is a Collection?


A fun way to express yourself, and perhaps do a little window shopping! Collections can be used in so many different ways, including creating a collection around a theme (such as Unicorns), creating one for a friend, a wishlist, or just a collection of all the items you love on Kidizen. Collections can be started by finding an item you want to add to your collection and tapping on the stacked box icon to the right of the Fave and Share buttons. You can then decide to add the item to a current collection or start a new one. You can find your collections by going to the bottom navigation bar and tapping on Me. Below your profile and stamps is Listings, Faves, Collections, and Posts. To edit or share, go to the collection and tap on it. In the upper right-hand corner there will be a pencil icon (edit) and a half box with an up arrow (share). 


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