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Resolving Issues with Buyers


You have a couple of options for handling a situation in which the buyer is not happy with the item she received:

1. You can work directly with the buyer to resolve the issue. Some sellers offer a partial refund so that they don't need to deal with a return (you can issue full and partial refunds by scrolling to the bottom of the Order Detail screen and selecting Issue Full/Partial Refund). Photos can be sent directly to a buyer or seller via messaging. 

2. If you and the buyer are not able to agree upon a resolution, the the buyer can open a Refund Claim. As part of the Refund Claim process we will ask the buyer to send photos to us showing the condition issues with the items she received. We will compare these photos to the original listing. Per our Return Policy, if we determine that the items she received are "not as described" then you will be required to issue the buyer a full refund and are responsible for covering the cost of the return shipping if you'd like the items returned to you. The seller needs to let us know before the refund claim ends if they wish to have the item back.

Returns and Seller Funds

In all return instances where the seller is responsible for funding the return amount, Kidizen will, if necessary, charge the seller's payment method if they do not have a sufficient available balance in their Kidizen account balance (Kid Bucks).

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