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Earning and Redeeming Perks Points



You’ll receive 5 points for every $1 spent or sold of GroVia items on Kidizen. Additionally, you can sign-up to GroVia emails and earn 300 extra points! 

Points earned on Kidizen can be redeemed for a $10 GroVia gift card and used on purchases of $40 or more on

You can view your GroVia Perks by going to the bottom navigation Menu and tapping on Me and below your profile is a Perks button (to the left of the Stamps and Kid Bucks buttons). You can view your Pending and Redeemable Points at the top as well as sign up for their email for extra points! Pending points will be available after 14 days after your sale or purchase. To use your redeemable points, tap on the Redeem button in the middle of the screen. It will be blue when you have points available that can be used for a GroVia gift card. Happy Shopping!



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