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Mailing Items to a Style Scout


If you don't currently have a Scout in your area, you may qualify to mail your items in! If your items qualify, we will match you with a Scout to mail your items to and who will sell them on your behalf. 


What is a Style Scout?

Style Scouts are expert sellers on Kidizen that provide a white glove consignment service for busy families looking to make money on items their kids have outgrown. A Style Scout will prep, photograph, list, and store your items on your behalf. When items sell, they ship the items out to a new home using their own shipping supplies. They split the profits with you after the marketplace fee and shipping costs come out. Scouts typically pay out their clients every 4 weeks but you can check with your individual Scout on how often you will get paid. 


What items can I send in? 

You can ship any items that are on our brand list which can be viewed below. All items must be within 3 years old and have to be free of excessive wear, holes, and stains. If you have other brands that you think would sell well, you can reach out to your Scout for pre-approval. No replicas/knock-offs are allowed and most Scouts do not accept women’s items. Any items that are not on the brand list or do not follow our guidelines above will be donated or can be sent back for a $30 fee. If you continue to send in items not following our guidelines, a Scout may decide at any time to no longer accept mail-ins from a client. 



Brand list page 2.jpgBrand list page 1.jpg


How do I ship them to my Scout? 

You can either ship them yourself or you can purchase one of our Scout Shipping Kits. The Shipping Kits include large poly mailer bags that will be shipped directly to you. Each bag has a pre-paid label so you just need to fill it and either drop it off or request a pick-up from USPS! Once approved, we will send you directions on how to either ship it yourself or on how to purchase a Shipping Kit. All items must be sent in within 21 days of purchasing a shipping kit because the labels expire.


What is the fee?

All mail-ins have a 20% Kidizen marketplace fee. After the marketplace fee and shipping costs come off the sale price, you will receive 60% of the profits and your Style Scout will receive 40%. 


How do I get paid?

Before your Scout can list your items, you will need to be added as a client under their Style Scout shop. You just need to send them your profile name and they will take care of inviting you to be a client. Once you accept, you will be able to go to the Me tab > My Scout Account. This is where you will view all your listings, sold items, and your Scout. Your Scout will pay you through the app and then you can use that money to purchase items on Kidizen, or cash out to your Bank or PayPal account. 


Do I set the pricing of my items or does the Scout do that?

Style Scouts set the pricing but rest assured that you are in good hands. They are experts at selling on Kidizen and understand pricing items. However, if you have a couple of special items that you had a price in mind for, just reach out to the Scout as they would be happy to accommodate your request!


How long until I see my items listed?

All Scouts have different time frames depending on the time of year and how many other items they have to list from other clients. Your Scout will communicate with you on the approximate time frame of listing your items. 


What happens to unsold items?

A Scout will sell your items for 6 months. After that, any unsold items will be reevaluated by the Scout and determine whether the items should be dropped in price or donated. They can also be returned to you if you wish to pay for the return shipping. 


Can I send in more items?

You sure can! Just check with your Scout to make sure they are able to take more and then you may either ship on your own or purchase more Shipping Kits. 

Now that you have read a bit about how it works and feel like your items would qualify, you can be matched with a Scout by applying HERE.

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