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Wrong Order Sent to Buyer/Orders Swapped in Error


In a situation where a buyer receives an item from a seller that is not what was ordered or if two orders were swapped in error*, the seller will need to contact the buyer(s) regarding the issue and then provide the buyer(s) with a return shipping label if they would like the item returned and the buyer(s) agrees to make accommodations to do so. 

If the original shipping label for the order in question was purchased through Kidizen, the seller can purchase a return shipping label at the bottom of the order detail screen once it shows as delivered for each order affected. If the original shipping label was not purchased through Kidizen, the seller can contact Support for assistance. When the buyer has received the return label, we recommend waiting for the tracking to update to "shipped" to process the refund.

In the event that the buyer fails to return the item to the seller, Kidizen will make a reasonable attempt to contact the buyer on the seller's behalf. According to our Return Policy, a refund will still need to be issued for each order that was not received. Refunds can be issued by going to the Order in Sales history in the app (Remember: Kidizen's portion will automatically be refunded alongside yours). The seller can then cancel the return shipping label and receive a refund for it. 

*For orders that were swapped in error, the seller will need to issue refunds for both orders and provide return shipping labels for each order. Once the orders are received by the seller, the seller can then re-list the items and the buyers can repurchase if desired. 




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