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Sent Incorrect Order to Buyer


If you've sent the wrong item to a buyer, or swapped shipping labels on two orders by mistake, here are our recommended next steps to take:

According to our return policy, you will need to issue refunds for each order that was not received. You can issue refunds by going to the Problem/Order Inquiry tab on the Order Detail screen in the app. (Remember: Kidizen's portion will automatically be refunded alongside yours).

If you'd like the items returned to you, you will need to provide the buyers with return shipping labels. You may purchase return labels at the bottom of the order detail screen once the original package has been delivered. When the buyer has received the return label, we recommend waiting for the tracking to update to "shipped" to process the refund.

Once you receive the items back, you may re-list them and, if the intended buyers are still interested in the items they can purchase them again from you. Just let us know if you'd like the original listings re-posted.

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