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Referral Program


Share your referral code to refer friends and earn rewards!

Where do I find my Referral code?

On the latest version of iOS, you can access your referral code and program details by tapping the Invite & Earn banner on your profile.


(Tap Me on the bottom nav to find your profile) 

Can't find the banner? Update your iOS app to see the latest changes

On Android and earlier iOS versions, go to Me > Settings > Find and Refer Friends to find and share your referral code.


From the referral details screen you can invite friends by sharing the link to your social channels.


When you share your referral code, the person you refer gets a $5 Kid Credit when they create a new account on Kidizen, and you get 20% of your friends' sales and purchases made within those first 30 days. Amounts & percentages are awarded in Kid Credits. Amounts subject to change, check your referral screen for details.

Important Notes:

  • In order to use the $5 Kid Credit you received at sign up, you must make a purchase of $10 or more within 30 days of registration.
  • In order to receive the $5 Kid Credit, the person you refer must make a purchase or sale of $10 or more within 30 days of registration
  • You will receive your % reward 10 days after the friend you refer makes a qualifying purchase or sale


What is this list of users under my referral details?


These are the friends that have used your referral code!
- If it is blank by their name (as above), then they were referred before this new program was setup.
- If you see "pending", then they still need to make their qualifying purchase or sale
- If you see a $ amount, that is how much you have earned for referring that friend.

Can't find this screen? Update your iOS app to see the latest changes
On Android and earlier iOS versions, you won't be able to see your referred friends just yet.


Please also keep in mind the intent of the referral program feature is to reward users who help us to spread the word about Kidizen. In order to offer this program, we must enforce the following rules so that the program is not abused:

  • The person you refer must be a new user, and will need to enter your referral code at the time of registration (the referral code will be pre-filled for them if you invite them via the SMS and Email option in the app or share a link from anywhere within the app).

  • Referral codes may not be used to refer others within the same household. 
  • Creating multiple accounts in order to receive the referral credit is in violation of our policy and will result in account suspension. 
  • All rewards are given in the form of Kid Credits
  • Credits awarded for a referral will expire after 30 days

Happy Sharing!

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