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March 23, 2016: What’s changing for sellers who create their own labels?


We’re excited to announce a number of improvements we’ve made to the listing and selling process that will make the experience so much better for everyone on Kidizen! In short, we have a new payment system that is seamlessly integrated into the Kidizen app. Don’t worry, you still have the option to pay with PayPal! The difference is that as a seller, you will be able to keep funds in your Kidizen account as Kid Bucks, and then use these funds to either a make purchases or cashout.

What this means for you as a seller is:

  • No more PayPal fee (which can sometimes be an additional 4-8% fee per order)!
  • Your order, shipping and tracking information are all together in one place
  • You can now buy shipping labels directly from Kidizen and tracking information will automatically be sent to the buyer
  • You can keep a balance on Kidizen (Kid Bucks), that you can spend or cashout to your bank
  • Option to use a shipping estimator when listing an item to help estimate shipping costs
  • Kidizen can provide perks and incentives to help boost sales
  • Kidizen can assist and mediate any issues you experience

Other changes to note include:

  • You will be prompted to enter a tracking number in order to receive payment (a tracking number is automatically entered if you purchase a label from Kidizen)
  • Payment will be released to you once the tracking number shows that the order has shipped
  • Buyers will be able to make purchases using a credit card, Paypal, or their Kid Bucks balance

For more details, please see the Changes to the Listing & Selling Process FAQ. Thank you in advance for your patience during this transition. We also thank you for allowing us to continually improve the Kidizen experience as the needs of our community evolve.

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