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What should I do if I can't find my shipping label in my email?


There can be any number of reasons why your label does not immediately show up in your inbox, so please try the following:


  1. Make sure you're checking the same email you use to log into Kidizen
  2. Add to your contacts list
  3. Check your spam folders. Be sure to mark any messages from Kidizen you find here as "Not Spam" so that our emails always go straight to your inbox going forward.
  4. Check the Promotions tab, if you're using Gmail
  5. Check if you've blocked In Gmail, go to Settings, Filters & Blocked Addresses and scroll to the bottom to see your blocked addresses.
  6. Create a filter so messages from Kidizen are never sent to spam, if you're using Gmail

Once you've tried these things, go to the Sales detail screen in the Kidizen app and click on "Resend Label" to check if one of them worked.


If after all that you still haven't received your shipping label, please email us at and we can investigate further.

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