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Benefits of Purchasing a Kidizen Label


Kidizen offers the option to purchase a label directly through the Kidizen app in order to make the shipping process easier and more convenient. In addition, there are a number of other benefits to purchasing a label through Kidizen, including the following: 

  • When a label is purchased through Kidizen, the marketplace fee is taken off the price of the listing minus the shipping label. So you are not charged the marketplace fee on the shipping label. 
  • The pricing is similar to, and in some cases, better than what you'll find elsewhere. 
  • All Kidizen labels come with Kidizen label insurance. If the package is shipped with a Kidizen label and it is lost in transit or does not arrive at its destination, Kidizen will cover the cost to refund the buyer. The tracking number will need to show that the order was shipped (i.e. scanned by the post office) and that it was not delivered to its destination. The shipping label also must be unaltered. If the tracking shows the item arrived at its destination, then the buyer is responsible. If the seller purchases shipping on their own, then the seller will be responsible for contacting USPS (or another carrier they have used) and will need to refund if the package has been lost. Packages damaged in transit may be covered on a case-by-case basis depending on how the order was packaged. It is the responsibility of the seller to package the order in packaging that will withstand the rigors of transit. 
  • All shipping label options include tracking, and the tracking number is automatically sent to the buyer. 
  • No need to enter a shipping address. All of the data entry is done for you. 
  • Pricing does not vary based on zone, so you know exactly how much shipping will cost when you list. 
  • Purchasing a label only requires a few taps and you're done!

You can find a step-by-step guide to purchasing a label here.

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    Erin E. Jacobs

    Could you add the option for flat rate boxes in addition to the flat rate envelope?