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Issuing A Refund


If you need to issue a refund to the buyer, you can select either Full Refund or Partial Refund from the Issue Full/Partial Refund option at the bottom of the Order Detail screen (see image below). The buyer will automatically be issued a refund to their original payment source. Kidizen will always automatically refund our portion of the sale (the marketplace fee), so there is no added cost to the seller.

If you purchased a shipping label from Kidizen for this order but haven't used it, you will receive a refund for the label and the label will be canceled as soon as the refund for the transaction is issued.

Be sure to also message the buyer and provide information on why you are not able to complete the transaction. Fully refunding an order is considered a cancellation of an order. Note that the order will remain in your order history (and the item in your sold items) despite being refunded since orders cannot be deleted. However, the order will have that it was refunded in orange towards the bottom of the order detail screen. 

 If you are issuing a refund after the order has shipped and do not have sufficient funds in your Kid Bucks account to process the refund, Kidizen will ask you to provide PayPal or credit card information so that the refund can be issued. You can add this by going to Settings > Payment and entering your payment info. If you are issuing a refund for an item you would like returned to you, you can then issue a refund once the order is shipped back to you. Once a refund is issued it cannot be reversed which is why we recommend waiting until it is shipped back to issue a refund. 



order_management_seller_screen.png                Screenshot_20170615-140358.png         


Need to issue more than one partial refund on the same order?
Reach out to Support with the order number and additional amount you need to refund and we can process it on your behalf.

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