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Return Policy


We entrust both buyers and sellers on Kidizen take an active, honest, and responsible approach to the transactions they choose to conduct on the Kidizen marketplace. To avoid issues with a sale and the possibility of a refund, we advise sellers to be as descriptive as possible when creating a listing. Buyers, on the other hand, bear the responsibility of reviewing the listing’s photos, description and item condition, and asking the seller questions when uncertain about any aspect of the listing, prior to making a purchase. Kidizen is committed to working with both buyers and the sellers to ensure fair and equitable outcomes should any disputes arise.


Kidizen’s Return Policy:

All sales are final on Kidizen. Once a purchase is made, any requests to cancel an order that has not yet shipped is at the discretion of the seller. For shipped orders, both buyers and sellers are protected with every order with Kidizen Protection. Refunds may be issued in the following two scenarios:

The order is not received:

Buyers will receive a refund if their order was not shipped or if it did not arrive at its destination, but the refund must be requested within 90 days of purchase. If a seller does not ship an order or provide tracking information, a buyer is given the option to request a refund after 7 days (on day 8) by scrolling to the bottom of the Order Detail screen in the app. If the tracking number shows the order shipped, but did not arrive at its destination, Kidizen will cover the cost to refund the buyer if the shipping was purchased through Kidizen. If shipping was purchased elsewhere, the seller is responsible for covering the refund. When the tracking number for the order shows that the order arrived at its destination, the buyer is responsible for contacting their post office and filing a police report (if theft is suspected). You can find more information on what to do if you do not receive your order here. Refunds requested after 90 days cannot be processed.

The order is not as described:

It is important that the buyer inspects their purchases within 5 days of delivery. After 5 days, orders are considered to be Final Sale. If the buyer receives an item that does not match the listing description or is sent the wrong item, we ask that the buyer first contact the seller so that the seller is given the opportunity to resolve the situation. The buyer must reach out to the seller via in-app message within 5 days of delivery. If the seller is not able to provide an acceptable resolution, the buyer can Reach out to Kidizen Support to open a Refund Claim. Items cannot be worn or altered in any way, which includes being laundered, stain treated or repaired. Refund Claims based on odor will only be considered if the seller has a previous history of odor complaints. Odor is subjective and can vary by individual. In all cases, issues reported beyond 5 days of the delivery date will not be reviewed. 

When opening a Refund Claim please include the order number as well as photos and details about the issue. Please be sure to provide photos that clearly support your claim(s). If Kidizen determines that the item is "not as described" and that the buyer should receive a refund, Kidizen will contact the seller, issue the refund, and debit the seller’s account for the refund amount. In the event that the seller would like the item(s) returned, the seller will be responsible for paying for a return shipping label. The buyer will need to ship the item back within 5 days of receiving the return label in order to receive a refund. After 5 days, the Refund Claim will be closed. All items that are returned must be in their original condition. Please note that Refund Claims are for full refunds only. We do not make determinations for partial refunds. 

If a buyer receives an order that fits the original listing description but is otherwise not satisfied with the purchase, we encourage the buyer to reach out to the seller. In this situation, a refund may be issued by the seller at the seller’s discretion but it is not required. This also includes sizing issues. Sizing can vary between brands, within brands/certain lines/seasons and items, as well if the item has been washed and dried (unless protocols were not followed on the garment care tag). If a buyer is unsure of how a brand fits, we highly recommend getting measurements from the seller prior to purchasing. If the item is found to be a replica or unbranded, it may be subject to a refund if sizing varies significantly from standard sizing. 


Returns and Seller Funds

In all return instances where the seller is responsible for funding the return amount, Kidizen will, if necessary, charge the seller's payment method if they do not have a sufficient available balance in their Kid Bucks account (Kidizen account balance).


All returns must be approved by either the seller or Kidizen. Items sent back without approval will not be refunded. If the return is approved through Kidizen, the item will need to be shipped back to the seller within 5 days in order to receive a refund (unless prior arrangements are made). If it is approved by the seller, a timeline for the return will need to be discussed with the seller. If no timeline is discussed, and the buyer doesn't ship it back within 30 days, the return shipping label will be canceled and the return forfeited. 



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