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All sales are final. However, buyers may receive refunds for the following:

  • Items not as described: If items are not as described by the seller in the listing description, we ask that buyers first reach out to the seller so that sellers are given the opportunity to correct the issue. If the seller is unable to provide an acceptable solution, you can file a Refund Claim with Kidizen by reaching out to Kidizen Support within 5 days of receiving the item.

  • Order shipped but not delivered: If the tracking number shows that the package shipped but did not get delivered to its destination, and the buyer used the correct shipping address at the time of purchase, Kidizen will cover the cost to issue the buyer a full refund.
  • Order not received: In the event that the order was not shipped, the buyer is given the option to request a refund after 7 days. If the buyer has reached out to the seller and has not received a response, the next step is for the buyer to select the Request Refund option at the bottom of the Order Detail screen. If the order does not have tracking information from the seller, the buyer is automatically refunded. If there is tracking information but it does not show as shipped, the seller receives a notification to contact Kidizen and let us know before the refund is issued. Refunds requested after 90 days cannot be processed.

You can find more information on the Kidizen Return Policy here

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