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Kid Bucks Explanation


Kid Bucks is the payment system used on Kidizen. When you make a sale, the proceeds will be deposited into your Kid Bucks balance. You can then use these funds to make purchases on Kidizen, or you can cash out to PayPal or your bank account. 

By default, when making a purchase, your Kid Bucks balance will be used before any other payment method. If your Kid Bucks balance does not cover the full payment amount, the remainder can be paid using either PayPal or a credit card.

To view your Kid Bucks account balance, tap on the Kid Bucks tab in your Settings (you can access your Settings from your Profile Page). You will see the following in your Kid Bucks account: 

  • Redeemable: this is the amount that is currently available for you to spend within Kidizen (you can see your redeemable Kid Bucks applied to the items in your cart for easy reference), or cash out to your PayPal or bank account. 
  • Credits: Kidizen grants credits to users for a variety of different reasons, including promotional purposes. These are funds that can only be used to make purchases on Kidizen. 
  • Pending: when sellers make a sale, funds are held in their pending balance until the order ship. 
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