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Order Shipped but Tracking Isn't Updating


Tracking can sometimes take a few hours, up to a day, to update as shipped, depending on when it is scanned as such by the USPS. USPS tracking updates do not occur in real time and takes time to reach our system. We recognize that on occasion the post office fails to scan the package and the tracking number does not update to shipped status. If the tracking status fails to update as shipped 24-48 hours after you've shipped it, contact your local USPS Post Office or inquire with your Postal Carrier directly.

If tracking still doesn't update after inquiring with USPS, reach out to the buyer to see if they have received it. If they have received it, ask your buyer to let us know or Reach out to Support and we will take care of releasing funds to your account. If they have not received it, and tracking still has not updated as shipped, then a full refund will need to be issued to the buyer. The shipping label cost and marketplace fees are returned automatically when the refund is issued. If the buyer is willing to wait for a refund, you can certainly wait up to two weeks to see if they do end up receiving it. 

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