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What are shipping rates if I buy a label from Kidizen?


Instead of offering one rate for all shipments, Kidizen offers a range of rates depending on weight. Our goal is to make shipping as easy as possible, and also avoiding situations where you'd be over-charged. We'd hate to charge you $5 to ship a onesie, when it should only cost $2.55!

The follow are the rates Kidizen offers when shipping labels are purchased through Kidizen:

  • Small Label (up to 8oz, First Class Mail): $2.75 
  • Medium Label (up to 16oz, First Class Mail): $3.75 
  • Large Label (up to 2lb, Priority Mail): $7.00
  • USPS® Flat Rate Padded Envelope (Priority Mail): $6.10

We are also adding more variable pricing if you choose to enter the exact weight for your package, up to 10lbs. The following pricing applies when you enter an exact weight instead of selecting the Small, Medium, or Large label option: 



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