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I am new to selling, do you have any tips?


- You will get better at pricing the more you sell but brand (resell value), popularity, size, condition, and how unique the item will guide you the most. Unique items sell quickly as do popular brands and items. Infant sizes require low prices and patience and would recommend making small bundles of infant clothing. Less expensive brands also tend to do better in small lots (Carter's, Circo, etc). Girls clothing tends to sell faster than boys clothing (even though boys clothing is awesome!) and usually recommend trying to keep prices lower on boys clothing. Popular boys clothing includes and hipster style items and anything Mini Boden. 

- Take great pictures and create a shop look. Having a consistent background and look to your shop is very visually appealing and it makes listing even more fun! This will make you stand out amongst the other Kidizen shops. The choices are endless but make sure that your pictures are taken in natural light (in a brightly lit area) and that they are clear. Taking a couple pictures is recommended, the more visuals you have, the more the buyer will know what they are buying. And everyone wants to know exactly what they are buying. Close-ups on textures, shoes, clothing details all paint a picture of what the item looks and feels like. 

- During the day is the ideal time to snap pictures of your items but sometimes the time isn't always there to list them. You can snap pic during the day (nap time is a great time!) and then list after the kids are in bed. 

- Details, details, details.. are a nice way to give more information about your item. Words you put in the detail section are also keywords that are used when someone uses the search feature. List stains, rips, etc and include a picture. If an items runs small, say so. Listing a 3T item as a 2T because it runs small is a good idea, just say in the listing that it is 3T but runs small. Some popular brands such as Mini Melissa and Mini Boden, it is better to just list them as the size they are because most people know how the sizes work. However, include in the description that "they run small as typical Mini Melissa" or something along those lines. 

- Stay organized, this will save you time and we all need more time in our lives. If only selling a small amount, you can put clothes into 2 different storage bins: “To list” and “Listed”. This is especially helpful if you just cleaned out seasonal clothes. If you have a large number of clothes (or plan to eventually have a lot of listings in your shop) then mark storage bins by size/gender. This will save so much time after you sell something and have no idea what storage bin it is in. It isn't fun trying to hunt down an item at 10pm because you have no idea where it is.

- Setting a shop discount is a great way to draw people to look at all your listings. It will also encourage people to buy more at time which can help with shipping.

- Keep season in mind. Spring/summer clothes will sell much better end of January-March. Fall sells best mid July-August and Winter September-October. Of course, there are many states that stay warm most of the year around (lucky!) so list what you have. However, during the appropriate seasons we recommend you making the effort to dig out seasonal clothes and shoes because these are BIG times for sales. 

- And most of all, have FUN! 

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