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Sharing Shops and Items


There are many ways to share! 

Go to your main shop page and below your profile is a share option (half box with up arrow). Tap on this and you will notice the different share options and you can choose the appropriate one.

You can also share specific listings by going to the listing and to the right of the favorite button is a box with an up arrow (In Android, the share icon is three connected dots). Tap on this and choose "Share this Item" which will bring up the sharing options. 


*Note that at this time in iOS you are not able to share your own listings to your followers*

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    Karin Buckner

    I'm in the Android app and I see the share icon next to the favorites icon, but it is only to share externally from the app (email, Facebook, etc.) I don't see an up arrow as this article describes, to share a listing with my followers.

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    Dori Graff

    Hi Karin,
    We don't have the share option added to the Android yet but we are working on adding this feature. Our apologies for the delay! Thank you for your patience as we work to make these improvements.

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