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Seller Asks You to Purchase Elsewhere


When a seller asks you to conduct a transaction outside of Kidizen for an item that you found via the Kidizen app, we ask that you decline the request and let us know by reaching out to Support.

Attempting to make direct arrangements with a buyer or a seller to use a payment method other than the approved payment methods available through Kidizen, and/or attempting to circumvent, reduce or manipulate Kidizen transaction fees is in violation of the Terms of Use.

We work hard to keep our marketplace fee as low as possible. However, without this fee we are unable to keep this service available for our wonderful buyers and sellers. Therefore it's important that we enforce the rules set forth in our Terms of Use by prohibiting sellers from conducting transactions outside of Kidizen.

Please also note that when you purchase items outside of Kidizen, we are unable to protect that purchase from fraud.

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