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March 28th, 2023: NEW 4 oz Shipping Label

We’ve got a ‘tiny bit’ of news to share! We now have a ‘Micro’ shipping label option for all those little bundles of joy that are 4 oz and under. It comes with a price break from the 8 oz. option and costs $4.45.
We continue to see a lot of underpaid postage charges and want to emphasize how important it is to weigh your packages. USPS is weighing all packages and if your package is found to be over the weight designated on the label on the package, you will be charged. Also, using carrier-branded packaging such as USPS Priority Flat Rate boxes could result in an underpaid postage charge. After 3 underpaid postage charges, there will be a $2 penalty fee added to each additional charge.
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