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Social Ambassador Program


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Social Ambassadors receive a $30 Kidizen credit per video that is accepted. Accepted videos will be posted to our social channels. If a video is accepted, we will alert you via email or message you on social.

We are looking for videos we can share to our social channels that are style-focused, hauls/unboxing, tips for sellers, or how-to videos related to Kidizen. We are always in need of any holiday and seasonally relevant videos! In order for a video to be accepted, it must follow the post guidelines below. 



- Must be a video

- Videos need to be high-res/high-quality

- Avoid dark lighting, busy or dirty backgrounds, or anything distracting

- Video content must be relatable to the Kidizen marketplace, parents, or fashion/style. We are looking for kids' outfits of the day/style-related videos (especially before any holiday!), seller tips, how-to videos, and Kidizen hauls/unboxing.

- How-to video examples are ways to ship sustainably, how to wash backpacks, how to create collections, etc.

- Any words/titles put on videos should make sense when we repost 

- We are currently not looking for "what sold" or "packaging up item" videos


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