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October 30, 2017: Android Update 5.4.2082 - Collections!


Thank you for your patience as we rolled out our new Collections feature to Android.

Create, discover, and share any combination of items on Kidizen with Collections!

What is a collection?

A Collection is a group of items curated by a user, given a special title, and stored the the user's page. Collections can consist of a buyer's wishlist items, organized sections of a seller's shop, items that showcase  a kids' style, curated items from a particular theme, hashtag collections, etc.

How do I create a collection?

1. Find an item you like, scroll down to the icons, and tap the [+] Collections icon

        Screenshot_20171030-082937.png       Screenshot_20171030-082948.png

2. Tap "Create New Collection" to start a collection featuring that item


3. Give it a name & a description & hit that checkmark to submit!



Where do I find collections?

Currently, you can access all collections via direct link (share with friends so they can see your hard work!) or tap on any collection at and they will open in the app.



How do I share a Collection?

Just tap the Share icon in the title on any collection.



 * Happy Curating! *



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