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House Rules


We work hard to provide parents with a safe, respectful and trustworthy community, where they can feel good about making purchases from other families. Our amazing sellers have made Kidizen such a special place, and we don’t want to ever lose this. We also understand that we are all parents who are juggling a lot each and every day. Mistakes happen, we get it! And when they do, we expect our sellers to do everything they can to make the situation better so that buyers can continue to trust our community and feel safe.

We know that most of our sellers go above and beyond to make buyers’ experiences on Kidizen great. But the following are a few “house rules” that we expect all sellers on Kidizen to follow in every transaction:

  1. Good communication — respond to questions promptly (i.e. within 24 hours unless your shop is marked as “on vacation”) and treat others with respect. 
  2. Available inventory — all items listed in your shop should be on-hand in your closet and ready to ship. If, for some reason, an item is no longer available, it should be removed from your shop immediately.
  3. Accurate descriptions — when listing an item, the correct condition is selected, any flaws are disclosed, and additional details are provided that accurately describe the item.
  4. Prompt shipping — sellers are required to ship within 7 days of the sale but are encouraged to ship within 48 hours. A tracking number needs to be provided to a buyer once an item ships. If you are not able to provide a tracking number, and the order is not received, you need to promptly issue a full refund to the buyer.
  5. Transactions remain on Kidizen — sellers are to conduct transactions within the Kidizen platform. Any sellers who are found to be conducting transactions with buyers found through the Kidizen marketplace outside of the platform, will not be allowed to continue selling on Kidizen.
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