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All About Subcategories


We recently launched subcategories to provide more specific details to listings. Not every item is obvious however, so we thought we'd help you out a bit. Here's the running list of the most ambiguous category selections, answered:

Capris are Clothing > Pants
Tunics are Clothing > Tops
Sweater Dresses are Clothing > Dresses
Bloomers are Clothing > Undergarments

Tights are Accessories > Legwear
Bonnets are Accessories > Hats

Blankets are Room & Nursery > Bedding

Sleepsacks are Baby Essentials > Sleep
Swaddles are Baby Essentials > Sleep

Bibs are Baby Essentials > Feeding
Teething Items and Pacifiers are Baby Essentials > Soothing

Nursing Items? Nope, not Maternity. Those go in our new sub-category: Baby Essentials > Nursing

While you can't search or filter on subcategories just yet, update your listings now to make it easier for buyers to find your shop goodies when we add the ability to search and filter by subcategory. Once we have enough items updated with subcategories, we can add that to our search capabilities!

Happy Listing!

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