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Creating a Bundle/Accepting an Offer


Sometimes buyers reach out to coordinate custom bundles and negotiate special terms. So how do you reserve a listing or create a bundle just for one buyer?

Currently we do not have any official reservation process (yet!) that will designate a purchase to only one buyer. That said, many sellers have found this to work for them for now:


Accepting an offer on an item:

  1. Discuss and agree on terms of the item with the buyer. If you have a shop discount, you may want to check if the buyer plans on purchasing this item alone or with others (therefore also applying the shop discount)
  2. Go to the listing and tap on edit. Change the title of the listing to say "RESERVED for [buyer name]" and make sure any info from the title gets into the description of the listing. Then change the price and update your listing. You can Hide the listing (tap on edit . hide) before dropping the price to remove it from everyone's carts so they don't get the price drop notification. However, this will also remove it from your buyers cart. 

Creating a bundled listing:

  1. Discuss and agree on terms with your buyer
  2. Hide all of the listings that you want to include in your custom order
  3. Create a new listing titled "RESERVED for [buyer name]" to discourage other buyers from adding the listing to their cart.
    • Be sure to add the details, especially photos, of what is included in the listing for future reference in case there are any shipping/delivery/item condition issues (also take care not to delete the original listings yet).
    • Once a buyer has received their order without issue, you can delete those hidden listings that were sold.
    • If a buyer doesn't end up purchasing the custom listing after all, no sweat. Just delete the reserved listing and un-hide the items you want to return back to your shop
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