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Can I mark an item reserved? How do I make a custom listing for a buyer?


Sometimes buyers reach out to coordinate custom bundles and negotiate special terms. So how do you reserve a listing just for one buyer?

Currently we do not have any official reservation process (yet!) that will designate a purchase to only one buyer. That said, many sellers have found a system that works for them for now:

  1. Discuss and agree on terms with your buyer
  2. Hide all of the listings that you want to include in your custom order
  3. Create a new listing titled "RESERVED for [buyer name]" to discourage other buyers from adding the listing to their cart.
    • Be sure to add the details, especially photos, of what is included in the listing for future reference in case there are any shipping/delivery/item condition issues (also take care not to delete the original listings yet).
    • Once a buyer has received their order without issue, you can delete those hidden listings that were sold.
    • If a buyer doesn't end up purchasing the custom listing after all, no sweat. Just delete the reserved listing and un-hide the items you want to return back to your shop.


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