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May 16, 2017: Android & iOS Update 4.7 - Bulk Photo Upload, Re-Ordering, & Subcategories


New Features—By Request!
- Adding a listing? We've made it easier to select multiple to upload in bulk and reorder photos on all of your listings.

multiple_image_upload.jpg              reorder_images.jpg

*While you're in there, don't forget to add subcategories to all of your items!*

While you can't search or filter on subcategories just yet, update your listings now to make it easier for buyers to find your shop goodies when we add the ability to search and filter by subcategory. Once we have enough items updated with subcategories, we can add that to our search capabilities!

- New and improved filters now give you the ability to include multiple sizes in saved filters and filter by item condition


Bug Fixes
- Numerous tasks on the back end to improve the reliability of the Gallery

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