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Listing an Item


Have an item to sell? Tap Sell from the bottom navigation to create a listing.

If you want all the tips & tricks for being a successful seller, we have you covered with our Seller Handbook.

Have these things ready when you want to list an item:

  1. Take detailed photos. A good basic listing includes front, back, any specific details to note, size tag, and any flaws (wash wear, fading, stains). You can also include props or backgrounds that set your shop apart. **Be sure to include any flaws in your photos so the buyer knows exactly what they are purchasing beforehand. We recommend taking multiple photos, editing as desired, then uploading the photos for each listing all at once.

  2. Look over your items very carefully and disclose any unique qualities, flaws, or anything not otherwise obvious in your item’s description as well as in your photos. You can’t be too cautious in your disclosures.

  3. Judge the item’s condition thoughtfully --
    1. NWT - New with Tags (tags from the original retailer still on, never used)
    2. New without Tags - never used, tags removed
    3. Excellent - like-new, no visible wear
    4. Very Good - minor wear
    5. Good - some wear and/or minor flaws
    6. Play - some wear, spots and/or holes, but still in usable condition

  4. Don't forget subcategories!

Need to edit a listing?
If you notice a new flaw in an item, need to change the price, or just want to update or re-arrange your photos, tap the listing in your profile and you'll have the option to edit.

Need to delete a listing? If you are no longer able to or decide not to sell an item, delete the listing out of your shop by tapping the listing in your profile and selecting delete.

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