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Uh-Oh! Sometimes things aren’t quite right.

In all seriousness, we understand how frustrating it can be when an item isn’t what you thought you ordered. We try to make it simple and fair. 

If you don’t like the item anymore or if the size you ordered doesn’t fit:

  1. Sellers usually have upfront return and refund policies posted to their bio, so you can check there. Sales are considered final unless the item is flawed or unless otherwise noted by the seller.
  2. If there’s nothing wrong with it other than maybe not being your style after all, it may be well worth skipping a return if it is offered, but rather just listing the item in your own shop.

If your item is incorrect, not the size you ordered, or has flaws you didn’t anticipate:

  1. The first step is to contact the seller. Sometimes, stains get missed or postage miscalculated. Most sellers will work hard to correct any oversights if you let them know what’s wrong. If you’d like to send photos, Contact Support with the photos and ask us to forward them along to the seller.

If after reasonable efforts, you cannot find an agreeable resolution with the seller, we do have a mediated Refund Claim process as a last resort. If it comes to that, Contact Support and ask to open a Refund Claim. We’ll review if the item sold was in the condition expected with no hidden surprises, or if the buyer is entitled to a refund because the item was “not as described” in the listing.

Keep in mind that you will need to initiate a Refund Claim within 5 days of delivery, prior to use, laundering, or alteration of an item. If you have in any way altered an item or if the five day deadline has passed, we are simply unable to review it, and the sale is considered final. 

Read up on more details in Kidizen's Return Policy

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